Are you experiencing
spacea Liberty Disaster?

We classify a Liberty Disaster as a physical crisis in which basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, transportation) are being disrupted.

We also classify a Liberty Disaster as a spiritual crisis in which a person is unable to walk in the liberty and freedom that is promised to them in Christ. That may mean slavery to things like: health issues, addiction, bitterness, unforgiveness, and more.

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Since 2005, Liberty Disaster Relief has distributed over FOUR MILLION pounds of food and hundreds of thousands of pounds of clothing, furniture, bed, and household goods into the Kansas City area. Sort of by accident, it became the largest homeless shelter in the Northland of Kansas City. Now having housed hundreds of people and seen many beautiful success stories, there are many people who will tell you (with tears in their eyes) that they would be dead right now if not for Liberty Disaster Relief. The organization has had to constantly battle city, zoning, neighbors and the slander of hell to continue, but we are here, have no plans on going anywhere, and God continues to provide - without government grants. Creating active, thriving partnerships with other local organizations and businesses is a big part of our mission. Our new community "Resource Depot" warehouse is a big part of that. We accept donations of just about anything that can be used for the ministry or given to those in need

In 2012, we fed over 4,000 people per month! Continue to support us.

LDR News

  • 05/01/2016 - Thrift Store location at 1114 Southview Drive closes as we focus on the new Farm.
  • 05/01/2016 - Patrons are directed to In As Much Ministries, Love INC, Refuge Church, First Baptist Church and other Liberty ministries. Our mobile food pantry will be scheduling events in the local area. Our Pantry Clearinghouse continues to support three or four other local food pantries in the Northland.

What is LDR?

Liberty Disaster Relief is a clearinghouse for all those touched by disaster. We have a clothes closet, food pantry, ministry houses, 24/7 prayer and a host of other services and information. We meet the needs of those in natural and spiritual disasters. More »

“Where the Spirit of God is, there is LIBERTY” - 2 Corinthians 3:17
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