About Us

We are a clearinghouse for all those touched by disaster. We have a clothes closet, food pantry, ministry houses, 24/7 prayer and a host of other services and information. We meet the needs of those in natural and spiritual disasters. We believe God still heals.

We are located in Liberty, Missouri and our first priority is on the needs of the local community, but we aren’t named “Liberty Disaster Relief” just because we’re here to help with personal and community disasters in Liberty – but because people everywhere are having LIBERTY disasters and we want to help.

Liberty Disaster Relief is just one outreach arm of The Church of Liberty, Missouri. We believe that the only Biblical model for church is one Body per city. That is, if you live in Liberty and you are part of the Body of Christ, then you are part of the Church of Liberty, too. You don’t have to join anything or be a “member” – if Jesus wrote your name in the Book of Life, then you’re already a member. Everywhere that “church” is mentioned in the Bible it’s either a reference to; 1) each individual person who is a temple of God, 2) the Church universal – the Bride – that consists of all those who have ever lived that are of Christ, or 3) the totality of all believers in a particular city. Everywhere that the believers in a city split up into teams (like “I’m for Paul, I’m for Cephas, I’m for Apollos” – I Corin. 3), it’s a really bad thing and they are accused of being carnal, not spiritual. In fact, in Galatians 5:19-21 it says that some of the acts of the sinful nature that will keep you from inheriting the Kingdom of God include; faction, division, selfish ambition, envy, schools of opinion! That can’t be good! That sounds like God doesn’t like denominations! Can that be true? And what if it is? Shouldn’t we repent and try something different?

What if we just did the things we ought to all be able to agree on, like “I was hungry and you fed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was in prison and you visited me.” (Matt. 25) Maybe we could be known by our LOVE for each other and see what happens. Maybe we could just have all the Brothers and Sisters come to a big Family reunion in the park, play music, pray, eat, play with the kids, give away food and clothes, set aside our petty arguments and be ONE BODY. Maybe it would catch on. Maybe God would smile on it. Maybe you could help.

Liberty Disaster Relief was founded by Doug Perry and two other local business leaders after hurricane Katrina as a fund to collect local resources to help in that disaster. It became pretty obvious soon after that there was an ongoing need to meet the little local “disasters” that were affecting individuals in our own area. We believe that it is a simply one of the many outreaching arms of the Church of Liberty – the Body of Christ in Liberty, Missouri (www.TheChurchOfLiberty.com). We’re not trying to create a new denomination or duplicate what’s already being done, but simply to meet needs and to model what it might be like if we were being One Body as Jesus prayed just before the Cross (John 17).

More about our “Big Picture” vision coming soon…

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