Donate or Help


1. Make a donation

For $500 we can get 10,000 pounds of food in and out to those in need in Liberty! For $100, we can get 2000 pounds. For $10 we can get 200 pounds.

Enter any whole dollar donation here:

Donations are handled securely by PayPal

You can also mail checks to Liberty Disaster Relief, 118 N. Connistor, #B251, Liberty, MO 64068.

We greatly appreciate your donation.

boxes2. Donate new/used items

What do you have? What is sitting around in your closet or cupboard or business or garage that could be used by someone in need? Does your business throw away things that could be used by others?

Just call and/or deliver the items to the following address. In some cases, we can come pick them up for you. We are especially in need of twin beds/mattresses, bunk beds, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, linens, towels and supplies for the group homes. (We could also use a box truck, if you have an extra one laying around.)

3. Assist with food giveaways and more

There are lots of ways to get involved. We are also a great way to get community service hours for school or court requirements.

If you can donate goods or want to offer assistance, simply contact us.

About Donations

Liberty Disaster Relief is nonprofit organization by virtue of being an outreach arm of The Church of Liberty which is a non-taxable church according to the IRS. ( If you require a tax-deduction for your donation, please just ask and you will get a tax donation receipt from The Church of Liberty. Please pray before committing to any donation – whether goods or money. We do not want to rob from Him. It needs to go where God says it needs to go.