The Thrift Store

We're SO excited about all the things that are coming next with this new ministry! Our thrift store location at 1114 Southview Drive, Building E in Liberty is CLOSED. It was a great experience - in a terrible location. We are very grateful to the landlord for letting us out of the last few months of the lease, as another summer in there without air conditioning just didn't sound like fun! Right now a lot of our effort and energy is focused on the new FARM! We're fighting through all kinds of governmental hurdles to DO Church there as we feel God is leading us. We'll be back with a store location soon, probably in Excelsior Springs. Until then, if you have a need in Liberty, please reach out to Immacolata Manor, Love INC, In As Much Ministries, Refuge Church, First Baptist or other local resources. In Excelsior, you can get help from Good Samaritan Center or Meet The Need.

You can read a lot more about The Liberty Farm at

We've have fed tens of thousands of meals in the last eight years. We think we have distributed somewhere around 4 MILLION POUNDS of food in the Northland! That doesn't include donated furniture, housewares, linens, beds, toys, bicycles, appliances and much more. We've even given away quite a few cars (as they become available). We are simply trying to do the things Jesus said were important in Matthew 25 - where He says we should feed and clothe and care for each other. What are YOU doing to meet the needs around you? Volunteers at our place are always welcome.

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The hours are:

For donations, please call to arrange. Call (816-929-4466) if you need us to pick them up (in the Liberty school district area).